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Join ‘One Planet Only’, the blue advertising network!

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“One Planet Only” is a new, premium Internet advertising agency with a strong marine connection. Our customers and partners are high-class and are crazy about the ocean, whether this be diving, snorkeling, sailing, boating, surfing, skiing, wakeboarding or tourism.

A best-in-class partners network: We connect advertisers to the publishers who want an ad network that stands out from the crowd and matches the premium nature of their content and audience.

Think ‘blue’, sell ‘blue’: The One Planet Only Publishers’ Network hosts visitors who are already attracted to the ocean. As an advertiser, the only thing you have left to do is show these visitors that your ‘blue’ products and brand are the best in their category.

Pay only for what you get: Forget old-fashioned monthly payment rates, real value-for-money is found in Internet optimized methods.

- Targeted publishing and pay-per-click payment (CPC) converts more of your ads into sales,

- Widespread publication and payment per thousand impressions (CPM) enhances awareness of your brand.

You can then get full control of your advertising budget by placing bids based on real-time demand. You decide the level of priority you want to give your campaign and pay the right price without any other constraints or obligations.

Use multiple format, non-intrusive banners: One Planet Only offers various, standardized banner sizes to suit the majority of advertising formats. Out of respect for our publishing partners and their audience, we prohibit advertisements that are deemed to be intrusive, such as pop ups, interstitials or transparent flashes. Very soon, One Planet Only will offer higher-impact advertising formats such as Rich Media or Video. Watch this space, we’ll keep you posted!

Even better targeting of your audience: See the advertisers’ guide to discover sophisticated targeting resources, which will empower you to focus on the customers you really want to reach (geographical areas, calendar and hour slots, website categories, exceptions, etc.)

Constant control over your budget and your spending: Select your campaign’s start and end dates well before it’s due, giving you full control over your campaign’s duration. Adjust the total budget and the maximum daily budget. Your campaign will stop automatically as soon as one of these two limits is reached.

A 24/7, multi-platform access to your ads: What if an important event disrupts the world news and you’re concerned that your campaign could be affected? Don’t worry, you can take full control. Whenever you want to, and from any desktop, tablet or even from your mobile phone, you can stop or start your campaigns with one click, and without any extra service from us.

An efficient analysis tool to increase your sales: Monitor your performance in real-time, analyze all the changes, make comparative graphs and understand growth figures and KPIs to adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Customer support and technical resources readily available: Whether you have a special requirement, suggestions to enhance our services and your sales or if you need a graphic designer to design your ads, One Planet Only consultants and technicians are available whenever you need them. Just get in touch!

Payments: We accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal payments and bank transfers.

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