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One Planet Only, an Internet advertising company with a deep marine color...

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One Planet Only is a new born Internet advertising agency with a strong "marine" coloration. It means that a large majority of our customers and partners are related with the ocean (Diving, snorkeling, sailing, boating, surfing, skiing / wake boarding, fishing, travel, tourism, luxury and watches, fashion, etc.), or are carrying an image with very high added value.
We are looking for premium publishing sites insofar as we want to stand out from mass advertising and provide our publisher partners and our advertisers customers with number one platforms and advertisement.
One Planet Only provides integration codes for banners of different sizes. Our customers use these locations for their advertising campaigns. In turn, publishers receive some of the money paid by these advertisers. Of course, as a publisher you can specifically target which company may publish in your pages and exclude the ones you don’t want to

For the first 20 partners, we are making this unique offer:

One Planet Only gives back 70% of all revenues generated by the banners on your site, and this, for the duration of our partnership. Please note that this offer is only valid within the limit of the first 20 sites registered with our company.

You will find much more details in the "publisher guide" under the following link. 

Please feel free to contact us directly for any technical related matters at and for commercial related matters at :