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Tools to better target your customer

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Besides choosing between CPC and CPM, and CTR permanent information displayed on your dashboard, One Planet Only offers additional tools to optimize your campaign to more precisely target your audience.

  • Of course you can choose the start date and end date of your campaign. You can decide to pause it if a major external event threatens to disrupt. You can restart it later or end permanently at any time. You can also extend your campaigns if you realize that they are being very effective.
  • You can select the geographical area where your ad will be displayed. As an example, if you want to reach a French speaking population, you may choose to be on screens in the following countries: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Luxembourg and Monaco.
  • Do you think your usual customers frequent certain sites in particular? Select the desired categories (Business and Finance, Entertainment, Services, Communication, etc.) Are you afraid of being wrong? You can always change your choice during a campaign and make iterations to test this kind of targeting.
  • Of course, you don’t want your ad to appear on one of your competitors’ site? Complete your personal list of exceptions and your ads will never appear on the selected sites.
  • You can target your audience by choosing which days of the week and in which time slots your ads will be displayed. You can exclude any day of the week and choose your exact timetable.
  • Finally, you can decide on an absolute budget limit and a daily limit. Your campaign will stop automatically as soon as one of these two limits is reached.